Monday, January 26, 2009

Go Clippers

So, my brother got Clippers tix from work today, and I got to go to the game, where I am currently writing this. Go Clippers!

The stadium is not quite filled to capacity, but what can you expect from a Monday night Clippers game?

The tix are awesome, cause they are in the VIP section, where you can order food and they'll bring it to you in your squishy seat. Sadly, my burger was not as awesome as my seat, but probably not as bad as the Clipper who Chris just watched miss 14 free throws in a row during second half warm up. Why isn't the stadium full?

I love free game tickets. I wonder where the mega gan is. Did Mark Cuban buy him after all?

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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Now in Stereo

So, I just made this rig. Wait. Let me rephrase that. Chris and I just made this. And, let's be honest: it was a lot Chris.

Let me elaborate. I came home from work wanting to make a rig to see if I could shoot something in stereo with 2 HV20's. Admittedly, this thought was dreamed up by Piotr, but it seemed like a good excuse to shoot a test shot that I've been wanting to put a 3D character in. So, I took it upon myself to build a rig. When I got home, I asked Chris if he wanted to help, and, of course, he did, so I unfolded to him my wood based idea. Luckily, this resulted in 2 thing. Chris pointing out that it would be cooler if it was made of metal, and he becoming excited enough about it to really take the lead in its new meticular execution. Also lucky : Chris has loads of tools that I don't have, making metal work in the garage feasible.

I can't wait to see it the test footage I made tonight worked, and if the footage I will shoot tomorrow will work.


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Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Ice Cream Sundae Wednesday

Thanks work! A nice mid week treat. Wait, is it wednesday already?

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the Table

so, speaking of furniture, i present you this fine specimen of hand wrought oak.

my father is a worker of wood. he makes really fine furniture. he has made me tables, shelves, a cedar chest. and now, the best thing he has made me: this fine table.

i dont know when my father decided to do this. maybe it was a long meditated decision. but i do know it was at least made when my brother, the first in our family to take the plunge, got married. at his reception my father presented he and his wife a very fine piece of work, a gift - an oak table. i then realized that this was setting the pattern, and was excited that i would, one day, receive my own table.
this table is representative of our family tradition of eating, conversing, and generally living around our kitchen table. the table has long been a center of family life, and this has held true in my family. a symbol of home and time spent together. my father now gives each of us kids one when we get married. each of them is unique.

ours is small, but has a leaf, since we are likely to live in a small place for a long time, but will need the expandability in the future. one of the most interesting features of this table was its modular nature. my dad made it so it could be easily shipped and easily assembled. and even after assembly, it has a 2 sizes: with and without the leaf.
this is the best wedding present i could have asked for. i was super excited when it arrived, and i couldn't wait to put it together and have our first meal on it. it fits perfectly in our house, and i'm excited to carry on the tradition of family dinner and living around the table.

thanks dad!