Thursday, November 30, 2006


today, costco made my life better, yet again . . .

prolog: i have recently discovered (be kind, i'm a little slow sometimes) the gloriousness of having my photos put into a digital format upon development. "but, mike," you say " people have been doing this for years, some even have cameras which capture reflected light images without the use of celluloid. . . " to wich i can only respond: well, this may be true. . . but i, perhaps nostalgically, find it hard to tear myself away from the ways of film. . . perhaps its my affinity for my 1965 nikkormat slr, perhaps its the feeling of the click of the shutter, or the way that i have to know my camera, and its quirks, a little better to know what the picture will look like, without the instant gratification of an lcd display. (on this note, maybe its a snob thing. maybe i think i'm better than the digital users because i dont need the crutch of an lcd . . . i'll have to think more on that later). regardless, i cant bring myself to get a digital camera yet, therefore, i have been missing the fun of instantly sharing my images via the internet. UNTILL NOW!

so, when i take my film to costco, not only will they develop it for me, and make me a set of prints for, like, 5 DOLLARS, but they will also put my pics onto a CD for me! ok, yes, i know that is old news. . . but i the other day i recieved the wrong CD back with my order, and when i went back, they rescaned my negatives in order to make my the correct CD. now, this got me to thinking . . . if they're scaning THOSE negative images to make me a CD . . . couldnt they scan the negatives of film that i have taken in the past? well, today i took over negatives for a bunch of rolls of film i took durring a trip to alaska, roughly 5 years ago. i took the shots, developed the film, looked at the prints once or twice, and havent seen the pics since. . . that is SO LAME. and, i didnt really get to share the shots with anyone. . . well, now costco is putting all of those shots onto CD's for me, so that i can put them onto this wonderful interweb and share them with . . . THE WORLD. and . . . actually look at them again myself. oh yeah, and they're doing it for . . . about 3 bucks a roll. . . .

amazing. costco is making my life better. . . again.

tomorrow i'll get the pics, and post one of them here, and the rest on my flickr site.


Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Originally uploaded by the boxpilot.
this is megan. she likes riding bikes. . . but is she realy riding this one?

we found this random instamatic camera of shots that nobody could account for, and developed it. it turns out it was in a car at some point, and this pic was taken during one of the many cross country jaunts of memebers of my fam. i love this photo, probably because it reveals the energy and personality that i love so much in my sister. :)

Train Day, and still in VA

aaand: i am in Virginia still. i was supposed to fly back to LA today, but i couldnt bring myself to do it. mostly because i couldnt be bothered to get up for my 6am flight. damn, thats early. so, i decided to stick around . . . for another day. we'll see what happens. . . maybe i'll keep staying here. probably not. believe it or not, i got some stuff to do . . .

my brother and i went on a photo safari. he's 17, and quite the photographer, (check out his pics) , so i try to encourage him. and, sice i've been itching to go take some pics at the "historic manassas train station" - thats what we did. the manassas train station is historicaly relevant because it was the catalyst for the civil war battles of manassas - the north and the south were essentially fighting for the station, because of its tactial geographic location, for shipping supplies and stuff to the armies durring the civil war. here's my fave shot from the day.

i put all of my train day pics here if it turns out you want to see some more . . .

also, i want a new background color for my blog. i dont think black is very me . . . at least not on my blog. but, i dont think anyone reads this. . . if anyone does, maybe they can recomend a new color.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

The White Suit

this is my new white suit.
now i can be effectively scientific.


well . . . its been a long time since i posted anything on my little blog . . . . sooooo . . . i think i'm gonna start over.

well, not OVER. . . but . . . maybe again . . . cause it's never too late to start again, for the first time . . . right?