Tuesday, January 29, 2008

23 or 28 . . . it depends on the circumstances


that is. . . assuming that i am of average build, average reach and a little above average height, and that these are just all regular 5 year olds that haven't had their naps or something.

after discussing it with kyle, and considering the question with certain caveats, such as:

are they zombie kids?
are they all severly ADD?
have they all peed themselves withing the last 5 minutes?
do they want to kill me?

and kyle pointing out that
you have to assume all of the above, and that "you have to fight there mothers next," i retook the test and found out that i could take 28.

i feel pretty good about that. i would like to thank my one time Taekwondo teacher for helping me up my chances by teaching me the effect of the round house kick.

Thanks Johnny O.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Where Do I Start?

its the new year, where do i start? i mean, after such an eventful holiday time, it seems almost anticlimactic writing on the internet. . .

and WHY was it eventful, you ask?

well, i went to 3 different states, visited the capitol of the free world, celebrated the birth of Jesus spiritually and secularly . . . oh yeah, and GOT ENGAGED! yeah, thats right. dope.

well, the reality of it is that, if you're reading this, you probably already knew that that had happened, but, as articulated by Kristen in email, and by everyone else:

1. How did you propose? (and am i ever going to see pictures?)

2. What does the ring look like?

3. Are you actually going to manage to get the SLC temple reserved in two months? Isn't it kinda crazy?

4. What is it, exactly, that Britnee does?

5. Are you going to blog this?!

so, i answer your questions:

1.) it has been a family tradition to have family and some family friends over to the house on Christmas Eve for dinner and a little program. at some point, we all started receiving pj's on Christmas Eve, in what was, i'm sure, and attempt by my mother to have us all look presentable in the inevitable Christmas morning photos.

at some point, in the last couple of years, the parents have stopped getting us the pj's, because jolly old Saint Nick has been showing up at the house to distribute them to the kids.

well, this year, Santa had a special final gift for one young lady. he proposed for me (since i was scared), and brought me the good news - SHE SAID YES! which was kind of amazing, since she was asked by a fat guy with a beard in front of a bunch of people - and you know how much she likes to be the center of attention. oh, you dont? well, lets just say about as much as having honey poured over her body and being lowered into a hive of red ants.
2.) the ring is/will be a non standard type of setup, consisting of 4 bands - three thin and one fat. two of the thin bands will be yellow gold, one rose gold, with various diamonds set flush. the fourth band will be fat and white gold. all gold will be brushed.

one of the gold bands is the band that i used for her place holder/initial engagement ring. it looks hand made (and is, i guess), and has 3 organically spaced small diamonds.

since its so custom, it has to get made, so i dont have pics of it yet, cause, you know, its getting made.

3.) yes. in fact, its already done, for one of our prospective dates. when we have the real date, you'll know.

4.) Britney (watch that spelling :) ) is currently an account manager for Logoworks, where she interfaces with clients. she is excited to quit this job.

5.) yes.

so, there you have it. complete with pictures of me in a fat man suit.

Britney came to VA for Christmas, then we went together to AZ to hang out with her family for a couple of days. Then to UT for a couple of days cause Britney had to work but i didnt.

speaking of work, i am no longer working at Digital Domain, but have been given a staff position at Asylum, which is the best place i have ever worked. ever. they gave me a beanie today. just cause they're like that.

i started there yesterday. guess what my first task is, post Speed Racer. . . . cant guess? ok, i'll tell you, its prevising a car commercial! good thing i've had months of training :).