Saturday, December 27, 2008

The crib maker

This is Tony. Not only is he the husband of my hot pregnant wife's sister, he will also be very kindly making us a crib for our impending offspring.

Today we went to the wood store to get the wood. He recommended Poplar, who were we to disagree? Britney wants to paint it white when it's done, so apparently poplar is good for that, not as strong a grain.

Thanks Tony. Now the question becomes, how will we get it to LA. Looks like we'll be making another trip.

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Steve at his desk

Steve Steele, Britneys dad, checks the news. We've been staying with Steve and Nancy, his wife, for our little christmas break.

Yay Christmas!

Steve and Nancy served a mission in Russia, so they're always interested in the news there.
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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

in the news

This is my hot pregnant wife. She is currently incubatting our little girl, to be named Zoey , unless otherwise decided. Though a name change is unlikely.

Yes, internet, I'm going to be a dad! And I am super psyched. We're expecting her early in March. Its fun since she'll have 3 girl cousins and one boy all close to her age, not to mention all the friends coming out of my friends at right about the same time.


You may be wondering why she is standing in an empty room. Sadly, this is not her portfolio picture for Americas Next Top Pregnant Model. It is, however evidence of some great news : my brother got a job here in LA, and he's coming down at the first of the year to work, with sarah and izzie soon to follow.

And, I tried posting this with my new blackberry, but blogger was having some sort of issues. I opted for not the iphone, we'll see how it goes. So, that's fun. more news to come!