Thursday, May 14, 2009


that's right.  after a couple of hours an one minor bit of trouble shooting, i am now typing this on the machine you see pictured above.  thanks to "mechdrew" at the MyDellMini forum, and nearly idiot proof instructions, not to mention the files i needed to make booting to my USB drives work, i now have a Hackintosh Vostro a90.  

i even uploaded my picture from the SD card in the SD card reader.  just one of the many (mini?) reasons to build your own.  (no, Britneys new Macbook doesn't have an SD card reader built in, how about THAT!?)  and it only cost about $350.  250 for the netbook from Dell Small Business, and 100 for OSX on Amazon. 

has my inner geek been satiated?  sure.  for now.  untill i upgrade the ram to 2gb for, like, 25 bucks.  BOO YAH!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Mini Monolith

It's here!

The a90 has arrived looking sleek in it's all black case. I took I to work to test out the Ubuntu OS that came pre installed, and let's be honest, it's not bad for a Linux OS. For a fleeting moment I even considered giving it a go. Yeah, untill I tried to play a quicktime on the computerweb (Linux and QT don't get along. Odd since OSX is built on a Linux kernel). Thus, my resolve is solidified, OSX here we come!

Tonight, we'll see how good I am at following directions . . .
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